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Speak your mind! Run for office! These are thoughts that shout at me often. First thing’s first, I tell her, I want to empower the people around me who are being ignored or discounted with a pejorative scoff and shrug. I’m not talking about race or gender, I’m talking about an entire generation.

A generation of exceptionally driven talented people who adapt to changing markets and technologies with ease – the Millennials. We are the generation who came of age during the recession and fought our way up and out, and now we are watching as our local and national leaders in influential government roles are being exposed for sexual assault, harassment, fraud, tax evasion, and much more. This news, combined with the uncertainty and outright shame our current leadership has brought to us, made me ask why!? Is it possible that the people in positions of power in government no longer represent the people? “The average age of Members of the House at the beginning of the 115th Congress [2017-2019] was 57.8 years; of Senators, 61.8 years, among the oldest in U.S. history.” (Manning, 2018). And if so, what can we do about it?

I believe we, the Millennial generation, are reason for hope. It’s our time now. Shaping the future of our country is our collective responsibility, but negativity is not going to get us there. Positivity, encouragement of others ambitions, supporting each other’s political aspirations, supporting the disenfranchised, and sharing joy are the ways we can begin to change the narratives that have been dividing us.

My designs, and the brand altogether, reflect my inner desire to encourage others, share joy, and bring people together in hope for a better future. I aim for inspiring, but often I can’t help but be a little feisty. There’s one thing I promise you, I will not spread hate. Only joy, only empowerment, and I ask for you to share it.

Simply put, I am tired of the negativity this time in our political history has brought, and I want to change the narrative.

If not me than who. If not you then who?! Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey.
Corinne Cavanaugh

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