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Creative Joy

I've been a marketing professional for 14 years. Digital for 12. I've created exceptional strategies, campaigns, and designs for everyone from The Special Olympics to Dunn Lumber.

Now, I'd like to design for you, for us, and for societal progress. 

Ideas are powerful, help me spread some good ones. Sport, gift, or tweet the designs with educated confidence.

If you have an idea or request, reach out to me on Twitter @Corinne_C_WA or via email.

#feminist #millennial #creative #nottooyoungtorun

Informed by History

Excitement. Inequity. Love. We need an outlet for our emotions in trying times.

Throughout history, everyday people and public figures have been making needed, yet controversial, statements using their bodies. A raised fist. The peace symbol. An open casket. Shirts. Pussy Hats. Signs. These statements share your beliefs and intentions with others, creating community. Together we are strong. Let's make the world a better place.


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